This game is currently unavailable. Please see the up to date Escape Room offer — Operation SPECTRE.

Operation SPECTRE — Escape Room at Your Event

Escape Room is a team quest game with various puzzles and riddles. Players are limited in time and need to interact with each other and find a solution together. Logic and wit will come in handy during the game.

Portable Escape Room — quest game at your location

Escape Room at office

At office

Escape Room at banquet

At banquet

Indoor Escape Room


Escape Room at corporate sports games

At sports games

Making a game is easy!

We need to know:

  • event date and time,
  • number of players,
  • event duration.

We will come to you

  • with a medium-sized vehicle;
  • at least 25 m2 of free space is required,
  • 220V electrical connection required.

After a short preparation, the Escape Room is ready, we will

  • split the participants into teams,
  • tell the rules,
  • organise the gameplay.

Frequently asked questions

What tasks does the Escape Room consist of?

The tasks are different: active, logical, electronic and mechanical puzzles. The tasks motivate the team to work together, to find the best and fastest solution.

The tasks are carefully chosen to make the game interesting for both adults and children.

How many people can participate in the quest?

One team consists of 6-12 people. It depends on the concept of the event and your wishes.

We will discuss the concept and content of the game before the event. We will understand the number of players and their age, the program and the plan.

How long does the game last?

The game can last from 20 to 50 minutes for one team. The duration is negotiable.

There is a technical break of 10-15 minutes between games to prepare tasks for the next team.

In total, the event can be up to 8 hours, and up to 600 people will have time to play.

How much does it cost?

  • First hour — € 360.00.
  • Every next hour — € 290.00.
  • Additional transportation costs are calculated individually depending on the location.
  • Adaptation and development of additional Escape Room tasks is calculated individually.
  • Prizes and souvenirs to be agreed upon separately.

Game scenarios

Sherlock Holmes

  • Escape Room at Restaurant — Sherlock
  • Escape Room at Banquet — Sherlock Holmes
  • Escape Quest for Corporate Dinner — Sherlock
  • Portable Escape Room at Banquet — Sherlock in Riga

Indiana Jones

  • Escape Room — Indiana Jones
  • Escape Quest — Indiana Jones
  • Portable Escape Room — Indiana Jones
  • Escape Game — Indiana Jones

Game at factory

  • Escape Room — Factory
  • Escape Room — Team Building at Factory
  • Escape Room — Scavenger Hunt at Factory
  • Escape Quest — Factory