Game inspired by spy movies. Escape room that can be adapted for your office and event.

Participants take on the role of British agents for 90 minutes, and everyday working space become the set of an action movie.

Indoor quest “Operation SPECTRE” begins with a letter:


The city is in danger! The international criminal organisation “SPECTRE” has hidden a bomb somewhere in the neighbourhood and is threatening to blow it up if the authorities do not pay a ransom of €1 million.

The countdown is on, with an hour and a half to go before the explosion. Only you, His Majesty's Agents 007, can help.

It will take all your ingenuity and determination to find and defuse the bomb.

Meet Mr. Q for all the information.


Escape Room is a team quest game with various puzzles and riddles. Players are limited in time and need to interact with each other and find a solution together. Logic and wit will come in handy during the game.

Game theme

Spy movie genre is very diverse, and the bomb search, even though it is a classic, does not always fit the event atmosphere or company culture. Therefore, the goal of the game can be changed to suit your needs. For example, search for stolen secret technology, defence against hackers during “Cyber Security Day”, “Operation Snowfall” winter edition, etc.

How is “Operation SPECTRE” played?

The game is played on a special website, so players will need a smartphone or tablet with an internet connection. The quest works as follows: solve the riddle — find the hidden answer — input it on the game website — get the next task.

The tasks of the Escape Room game are varied: searching for and using game props, puzzles and ciphers, teamwork tasks. Participants can use hints to make the game more dynamic.

The team completing all the tasks faster and more accurately wins.

Escape Room Quest at a location of your choice

Escape Room at office

At office

Escape Room at banquet

At banquet

Indoor Escape Room


Escape Room at corporate sports games

At corporate games

I will definitely tailor the Escape Room scenario to your venue: will use the most interesting places, will emphasise the objects that are important to you.

For example, one of the games took place in the Riga Motor Museum. Not only in the conference room, but also throughout the whole exposition. Therefore the tasks were changed, modified and adapted to the exhibition: venues, cars, motorbikes and other exhibits. This made the game even more exciting.

Exemplary schedule of an event

15:00 – We meet at your venue.
15:05 – Pregame briefing. Team formation. Instructions on the rules of the game.
15:15 – The game starts.
17:00 – All teams finish the game.
17:15 – Scoring, awarding diplomas, commemorative photos.

The game can be started at another time of your choice.


In-game materials — rules and tasks — English, Latvian, Russian, Lithuanian, Estonian, German.

Host — I speak English, Latvian and Russian.


Price from € 360.00. Calculated individually depending on the number of participants and the location of the game.


Available at an extra cost:

  • T-shirts with team names: € 10.00/piece;
  • cup and medals for the first three places with custom engraving: ~ € 50.00/set;
  • custom engraved medals: ~ € 3.00/piece.

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