Riga is in danger! The international criminal organization has planted a bomb at the Lucavsala island, and is threatening to blow it up if the authorities do not pay a million euro ransom.

Countdown’s on, an hour and a half left to detonate. Only you, His Majesty’s agents, can help.

It will take all your ingenuity and determination to find and defuse the bomb.


This is how the Spy Academy quest for kids begins, where players for a few hours become British intelligence agents and Lucavsala become the setting for a real action movie.

The game is held on a special website, so players will need a phone or tablet with internet access. The game works like this: solve a task — find the hidden answer — input it into the game system — get the next task.

The tasks range from finding objects in the city to simple ciphers, from teamwork challenges to fun activities. The difficulty of the tasks is chosen so that teenagers can solve them without the help of adults.

The quest can be played in person for the birthday celebrant as well as for a group of teens aged 10 to 15. For younger tweens, I have a “Pirates of the Caribbean” city quest.

The game lasts an hour and a half to two hours.

Game languages

English, Latvian or Russian.

Price and order

Standard “Spy Academy” walking game in Old Riga and Lucavsala cost € 10.00 per person. Minimum order — € 100.00.
Quest costs with additional options and at other locations are calculated individually.
There is also an adult version of this game.

To book a game, Send me an email to with the following information:

  • Desired start date and time.
  • Location.
  • Number of participants.
  • Task language.

Or call +371 29361334.


It is possible to order at an extra cost:

  • T-shirts with the team names: € 10.00/piece;
  • cup and medals for the first three places with custom engraving: ~ € 50.00/set;
  • medals with custom engraving: ~ € 3.00/piece.