Take a ride to explore cool and unusual things of Riga. Adventure Car Rally is unusual self-guided city tour.

4 hours
50 € per team *
All seasons
Riga 4 hours 50 € per team * All seasons 16+

* – Minimal order € 200.

Adventure Car Rally is an excellent way to get to know the history of Riga by solving exciting quests and competing against each other. Start engine and let’s go!

For the adventure quest rally, you will need

  • Refueled car. The average mileage per game is about 25 kilometers.
  • A team of your friends – 2 to 5 people per team.
  • A mobile device with access to the Internet and a camera with a flash unit. Make sure it is properly charged. Better to have a few.
  • Pen or pencil, several sheets of paper.
  • Flashlights.
  • Comfortable footwear and clothes for the weather.

How the car rally is held?

The gaming process is organized through a dedicated web page, where you will get your objectives. This, for instance, may be a search for a renowned heritage building, or a cheery photographic task that requires wits and teamwork.

Each task starts with short story about the surroundings. Quest is not only the game, but also a great guided tour.

Having completed a task, you get a code or a code phrase. As soon as the code is entered, the system will automatically unlock the next level.

In order to make the game more dynamic, there is a hint system. Once every five-ten minutes, teams will get a clue to the location of the code and the way to get it.

The team that gets through more levels faster than the other teams is declared the winner.

Exemplary schedule of an event

12:00 — We meet at Maxima X, Ilūkstes iela 24a, parking.
12:05 — Pregame briefing. Team formation. Instructions on the rules and nuances of the game.
12:10 — The game starts.
18:10 — Finish.
18:20 — Scoring, issuance of commemorative diplomas, commemorative photos.

The game can be started at a different convenient for you time.


In-game materials — rules and tasks — English, Latvian, Russian.

Host — I speak English, Latvian and Russian.

Task examples

For additional price.

Draw a flag

Draw a flag

Don’t touch the web

Don’t touch the web

Water sports

Water sports

Abandoned locations

Abandoned locations

Take a funny photo

Take a funny photo




It is possible to order at an extra cost:

  • T-shirts with the team names: € 10.00/piece;
  • cup and medals for the first three places with custom engraving: ~ € 50.00/set;
  • medals with custom engraving: ~ € 3.00/piece.

Mobile city hunts in other cities

List of all mobile quest games

City quest with mobile phones could be arranged in any other district or city at the additional charge. There are bicycle and car versions of this game. Game scenario could be changed to suit your needs. For example, we can add some questions about your company.

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