Sigulda is a picturesque town in Latvia. It’s full of beautiful architecture, friendly people and fascinating history.

This photo quest game takes you through the Sigulda Center and challenges you to make photo tasks, solve riddles and collect points!

You will be able to visit Sigulda New Castle, Raina Park, Festival Square and other exciting places.

2 hours
10 € per player *
All seasons
Sigulda 2 hours 10 € per player * All seasons Kid-friendly

* — Minimum order — 100 €.

Photo Orienteering is a fun way for people of all ages and skill levels to explore the city.

You will need for the quest

  • Team — 2 to 4 people. If more, it is possible to split you into teams.
  • Mobile phone with internet access and camera with flash. Make sure it is properly charged.
  • Comfortable footwear and clothes for the weather.

How does the game work?

You will get the game package at the start. It includes a map with points and photos of the different objects, such as graffiti, monuments, or storefronts.

Walking Photo Quest in Sigulda — Objects to Find

Photo Orienteering Game in Sigulda

Your objective is to plan a route through the spots, to visit as many marked spots as possible in 2 hours. When you come to any of them, you have to look around and find one of the riddled objects in real life, and take a picture next to that.

Your team can get additional points by solving additional riddles and completing interactive tasks.

Players have to finish the game on time. If a team starts the game at 12:10, it shall finish it no later than 14:10. After the game time is stopped, players show photos of objects found to the host.

The fastest team with a higher score wins.

Exemplary schedule of an event

12:00 — We meet at Station square (Siguldas Stacijas laukums).
12:05 — Pregame briefing. Team formation. Instructions on the rules of the game.
12:10 — The game starts.
14:10 — All teams finish the game.
14:20 — Scoring, awarding diplomas, commemorative photos.

The game can be started at another time of your choice.


In-game materials — rules and tasks — English, Latvian, Russian, Lithuanian, Estonian, German.

Host — I speak English, Latvian and Russian.


Available at an extra cost:

  • T-shirts with team names: € 10.00/piece;
  • cup and medals for the first three places with custom engraving: ~ € 50.00/set;
  • custom engraved medals: ~ € 3.00/piece.

Photo quests in other cities

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Photo scavenger hunts can be arranged in any other district or city at an additional charge. There are bicycle and car versions of this game. I can modify a game scenario to suit your budget and needs. For example, add some questions about your company.

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