Science is fun! Chemistry, physics, and IT have become part of our lives over the years; we’ve just stopped paying attention to them. But science is still exciting for every one.

Crazy Science is an outdoor quest with elements of a science show. You will have to perform your own experiments, prove your creativity and ingenuity.

Like other games, the scientific quest is suitable for corporate and team building events, and a birthday and family party.

How the “Crazy Science” game is held?

The gaming process is organized at a special web page, where you will get your tasks and clues.

This, for instance, may be a search for a hidden objects, experiments, or a cheery photo task that requires wits and teamwork.

Having completed a task, you get a code or a code phrase. As soon as the code is entered, the system will automatically unlock the next level.

In order to make the game more dynamic, there is a hint system. Once every five-ten minutes, teams will get a clue to the location of the code and the way to get it.

The team that gets through more levels faster than the other teams is declared the winner.

Game details

Place: the quest can be performed almost anywhere: holiday home, school, hotel…
Duration: 1 – 2 hours.
Language of tasks: English, Russian and Latvian.
The gameplay is organised on a special web-page, so each team needs a smartphone or tablet with internet, camera and GPS.

Book a quest

Price from € 250.00. Calculated individually depending on the number of participants and the location of the game.

To book a game, send me an email to with the following information:

  • Desired start date and time.
  • Location.
  • Number of participants.
  • Task language: Russian, Latvian, English.

Or call +371 29361334.


It is possible to order at an extra cost:

  • T-shirts with the team names: € 10.00/piece;
  • cup and medals for the first three places with custom engraving: ~ € 50.00/set;
  • medals with custom engraving: ~ € 3.00/piece.

Photos used: Education vector created by upklyak –